Sustainable Land Management and Strengthening Resilience of Agricultural Lands and Forests in Dominica ( PISLM -IICA)

Código: 5054-00
País: Dominica
Inicio: 07/08/2020
Finalización: 31/07/2021
Tipo: Proyectos de Cooperación Técnica
Objetivo General:
The objective of this consultancy is to increase the number of farmers utilising sustainable land management mechanisms in agriculture, improved food safety, production quality leading to farm certification and improved market access respectively.
Objetivos Específicos:
  1. improve the DOMGAP certification potential of selected farms by means of gap assessment and provision of requisite support to satisfy established certification criteria
  2. Increase the capacity of farmers, the Division of Agriculture and the Ministry off Agriculture through mechanisms that facilitate knowledge transfer on SLM practices beyond the life of the project
Resultados Esperados:
  1. Increased knowledge among farmers and technicians on effective SLM Approaches and technologies
  2. Improved capacities within local communities to implement SLM approaches and technologies in agriculture
  3. Improved readiness of agricultural farms for DOMGAP certification
  • United Nations: The Partnership Initiative for Sustainable Land Management
Responsable: Kent Coipel
Recursos Totales: USD 206,471
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