Future Farmers Project for identifying and showcasing young local farmers involved in agribusiness in Barbados

Código: 5035-00
País: Barbados
Inicio: 01/04/2020
Finalización: 30/04/2021
Tipo: Proyectos de Cooperación Técnica
Objetivo General:
To build on the work conducted through IICA's annual Youth Farm Summer Programme by focusing on the creation of agribusiness networks and opportunities for young people.
Objetivos Específicos:
  1. To develop and promote an evidence based knowledge platform as the basis for information sharing on youth entrepreneurship in agriculture
  2. To facilitate the adoption of innovations and best practices for enterprise development among young women and men in Barbados
Resultados Esperados:
  1. A medium for the creation and dissemination of successful businesses, activities and projects on Youth Innovation in agriculture is established
  2. Young farmers in Barbados gain access to technical support for start up and expansion of agricultural businesses
  • Barbados Environmental ConservationTrust (BECT)
Responsable: Roxanne Waithe
Recursos Totales: USD 25,728
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