Strengthening Coastal and Marine Climate Resilience through Upland and Coastal Ecosystem Based Adaptation and Community Engagement in the Caribbean

Código: 5032-00
País: Trinidad & Tobago
Inicio: 17/03/2020
Finalización: 16/03/2023
Tipo: Proyectos de Cooperación Técnica
Objetivo General:
To restore ecosystem health of upland-coastal environments to strengthen marine-coastal climate resilience while improving sustainable livelihood opportunities of communities.
Objetivos Específicos:
  1. Build technical & social capacity of communities/farmers to rehabilitate upland & downstream ecosystems by implementing EbA-climate smart solutions
  2. Strengthen existing livelihood opportunities and generate alternatives based on the implementation of EbA-climate smart interventions
  3. Disseminate the climate smart approaches using innovative approaches within project countries and the region to promote wider interest and uptake of EbA and climate risk reduction strategies; and especially wide-spread ‘common knowledge’ of vetiver grass and the Vetiver system as a nature-based EbA tool ‘available to all’
Resultados Esperados:
  1. 1. Community & institutional capacity to rehabilitate upland-coastal-marine ecosystems & adopt climate resilient agricultural practices strengthened
  2. 2. Marine & coastal habitat advancing toward climate resilience due to effective rehabilitation of upland ecosystems using EbA-CSS
  3. 3. Mainstreaming and replication of activities facilitated through knowledge management
  • Caribbean Biodiversity Fund
  • IAMovement
Responsable: Diane Francis
Recursos Totales: USD 1,650,000
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