Innovative Interventions to Strengthen the Be Foundation Community Garden in Antigua and Barbuda.

Código: 5154-00
País: Antigua and Barbuda
Inicio: 11/02/2022
Finalización: 15/12/2022
Tipo: Proyectos de Cooperación Técnica
Objetivo General:
To strengthen and implement agricultural climate-smart innovative technologies to help mitigate against the impact of adverse weather conditions to improve the island's local food nutrition and security.
Objetivos Específicos:
  1. To provide direct support to a local NGO in rehabilitating community space to implement sustainable livelihood activities for youth and women empowerment through assisting rural households.
  2. To strengthen the capacities of members to promote and share inexpensive mitigating climate innovative technologies with the local community
  • Australian High Commission (AHC)
Responsable: Craig Thomas
Recursos Totales: USD 14,276
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