Developing capacities in the Ministry of Agriculture technicians to improve services rendered to beekeepers to improve the beekeeping industry in Belize

Código: 4649-86
País: Belize
Inicio: 26/02/2020
Finalización: 26/06/2020
Tipo: Acciones de Respuesta Rápida
Objetivo General:
Support the institutional strengthening and development of capacitites in the Ministry of Agriculture aimed at honey value chain in Belize to contribute to improving the entrepreneural, marketing and organizational skills to provide more accurate information to beekeepers in a timely manner.
Resultados Esperados:
  1. Institutional strengthening and capacities developed in the Ministry of Agriculture aimed at developing the honey value chain in Belize.
  • Ministry of Agriculture
Responsable: Willie Chan
Recursos Totales: USD N.A.
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